Udemy cofounder Eren Bali just raised $6.5 million for his newest startup

It’s no secret that communications between patients and their doctors and pharmacists is anything but seamless. The same is true for communications between doctors and the labs and insurance companies with which they work. Carbon Health, a San Francisco-based startup, is aiming to create a two-sided marketplace that makes it easier for everyone involved to know what’s what. To date, its mobile platform — which aims to provide healthcare practices with greater control over everything from scheduling to electronic health records to billing — has been available only through its own private practice in San Francisco, which it created to pilot-test its service. But founder and CEO Eren Bali says 750 patients have tried it, too, and that they rank it highly in feedback surveys. The reason: by integrating a healthcare practice with clinics, insurance companies, pharmacies, labs and medical imaging centers, patients become empowered, too. Specifically, Bali says, by using the service, individuals can schedule appointments, make payments, fill prescriptions, and, crucially, access their medical records.

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