This L.A. Startup Is Digitally Transforming The Self-Storage Industry

Everything about the Clutter process flies in the face of storage-industry convention–and that’s the point. In just two years, Clutter has leveraged cheap real estate, solid customer service and smart technology to sign up more than 10,000 customers. It’s on track to bring in tens of millions in revenue this year. As the Culver City, California, company has taken aim at an industry that generates about $30 billion in annual sales, founders Ari Mir and Brian Thomas have raised $97 million from venture firms like Sequoia Capital, GV and London-based Atomico. With an estimated valuation of $240 million, Clutter plans to expand from its 7 current markets (Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, New Jersey, San Diego and San Francisco) to 50 cities globally in six years.

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