Mythical Games Secures $16 Million Led by Galaxy Digital And Javelin To Create “New Era Of Player-Owned Games”

A games company called Mythical Games has recently made a Series A investment round in which the company was able to get over $16 million USD from popular venture capital companies like Galaxy Digital’s EOS VC Fund, Divergence Digital Currency and Javelin Venture Partners. Other investors included Fenbushi Capital, OKCoin and DDC. The studio, which is led by game developers that hail from well-known companies like Activision Blizzard and from Yahoo, intends to use the blockchain technology to revolutionize the AAA gaming industry. Mythical Games was formed early in 2018 and has emerged receiving plenty of capital. The company plans to create an economy that is driven around the player and that will be boosted by the sale of blockchain-based items and assets, which would include content created by players and stored in the blockchain.

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