Fair Sees 40% Month-Over-Month Customer Growth

Fair, the car company for people who want to avoid loans and long-term contracts when shopping for a car, reported 40 percent month-over-month customer growth for the last two quarters today. The company also reported having over two percent of the total addressable market in its initial launch city of Los Angeles. Fair attributes its growing momentum to consumer behaviors shifting away from long-term commitment and the debt associated with car loans, among other factors.”We’re going through fast geographic expansion,” said Scott Painter, Fair founder and CEO. “The United States has the largest used vehicle market with 40 million cars, and that’s a massive opportunity for us. We’re seeing the viral coefficient kick in as markets mature to our model and become more predictable, but our growth is also fueled by our partnership with Uber, which has really started to bear fruit as we deeply integrate and push volume that expands Uber’s own driver community.”

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