Estimote’s Mirror beacon enables any video screen to display personalized content

If you’re late for your flight, Estimote‘s Mirror could guide you to the right gate by flashing it on a video screen at the airport. Estimote is introducing its Mirror video beacon today for hands-free — and app-free — interactions in retail environments, offices, sporting arenas, museums, and more. It’s like that scene in the sci-fi film “Minority Report” when actor Tom Cruise goes into a store and a display welcomes him by name and makes him a special offer. Of course, if I’m in a department store, I don’t want a sign to say my name and tell me there’s a special on Hanes underwear. At the Techcrunch Disrupt event, Estimote is announcing that its technology allows any video screen to serve customized content to individuals, based on their proximity and preferences. Estimote’s beacon technology is already used by 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies and organizations, including some of the world’s top retailers, airports, museums, and arenas.

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