Estimote Launches First Bluetooth Beacon with LTE Global Coverage

At Estimote we believe apps of the future won’t be downloaded to phones, computers or tablets. Developers of tomorrow will use the physical world as their canvas. Precise location of people and objects will be accessed programmatically and apps will be “installed” on places. To make this happen we are working on an Operating System for the physical world: a software environment where developers will be able to quickly build apps for one location and run the same experience on many. Our first product, Estimote Bluetooth Beacons launched in 2013, enabled us to locate people and their phones inside buildings. To do that, we used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an emerging technology at the time. Our iconic design, easy-to-use software and simple APIs made them the most popular beacons for developers. Since then, more than 150,000 innovators, startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies have used them to create context-aware apps. They’ve built mobile solutions to increase workplace productivity, comply with safety regulations, and deliver other magical experiences at scale, something that simply can’t be accomplished without accurate microlocation.

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