Javelin Venture Partners was founded by former entrepreneurs with a first-hand appreciation of what it takes to develop a company from concept to thriving enterprise. We have been in your chair…resource constrained and exhausted, but driving forward with full confidence that your start-up has incredible potential to change the world. We’re here to help – providing capital, guidance, access to an expansive network and most importantly, entrepreneurial DNA.

We invest in early-stage tech companies with incredible potential, managed by teams of energetic, trustworthy and capable leaders. Key focus areas include cloud, big data, enterprise software, SaaS, e-commerce, mobile, health/wellness and digital media. We look for advanced innovations, where the addressable market size is substantial and strong competitive advantages exist. Our typical investment is between $250K to $5 million, with reserves for follow-on investments. Our office is located in San Francisco, but we invest throughout the world.

Investment Stages

  • Seed
    • Amount: $250K – $1 million
    • Profile: Great team, large target market and defensible technology and/or market strategy
    • Status: Prototype or proof of concept product to early customer testing/adoption
  • Series A
    • Amount: $1.5 million – $5 million
    • Profile: Same attributes as Seed stage plus released product and early revenue
    • Status: Product is on the market with some customer/user validation and early revenues are flowing


If you’re interested in more than just capital from your venture capital partners, and the idea of working with investors who know exactly what you’re going through appeals to you, then we encourage you to contact us.